Moving To China: Knowing the holiday of the month

5 4 月 2022

Moving to China, you may be interested in knowing about holidays every month. In early April, a traditional Chinese festival is on the Chinese calendar. It is one of the most important festivals for the Chinese, and people have three days of public holiday in China. Do you know Qingming Festival? How do people celebrate this festival under COVID?

Qingming Festival takes place on the 15th day after the Spring Equinox, and this day usually falls on either the 4th or 5th of April. It is the time for people united to remember the one that they love who has passed away. People would visit the graves of friends and family, sprucing up the area and making offerings to their spirits.

For some traditional Chinese religions like Buddhism and Taoism, people would honor their ancestors by burning incense, offering food gifts, and burning joss paper or ghost money. These practices have passed for generations to show respect for those family and friends who have passed away.

Paper replicas of houses, clothes and gadgets for Qingming festival. 

For Catharism and Christianity, some people would bring flowers to the graves, sprucing up the area, and pray for their families and friends. Churches would also hold local memorial services to remember their ancestors and friends’ lives and beautiful testimonies.

Gifting flower to ancestors


COVID is still affecting the globe. Some governments still advise the public to hold social distancing or community lockdown. In recent years there has been a service called “Cloud Tomb Sweeping” it is a service that does not include the physical cleaning of a loved one’s tomb. Some burial spots offer the public to watch a member of staff cleaning the vault via a live stream. Others will send you photographs of the washed gravel. According to the BBC, one cemetery in Shanghai offers packages where a “valet sweep” starts from as little as 35 yuan ($6). It seems that “Cloud Tomb Sweeping” is the best solution for celebrating Qing Ming Festival under COVID, so they may still prefer to visit the tomb by themselves to show respect for their loved ones.    

A staff of a burial spots helping the public to clean the vault via a live stream.


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