12 11 月 2020

Breeze through a stress-free last minute move

Life is full of little surprises. A new overseas assignment is exciting but when it comes at the very last minute, panic can set in.  It can feel overwhelming but there are numerous ways to optimise your time efficiently and get all those boxes ticked before the big moving day comes around.  Here are some useful tips to breeze through a last minute move.

Your move

  1. Call the professionals. Your time is valuable so let an international relocation service quite literally take the weight off your shoulders. Reputable international moving companies like Asian Tigers have the experience and are well-quipped to deal with all last minute packing and shipping.moving truck
  1. Devise a checklist. When moving to Asia a to-do list is critical, but keep expectations manageable. Start with arranging the cut-off date for utilities and create a packing schedule. To minimise disruption, plan to sort items room by room to minimise disruption at home.moving checklist
  1. Travel light. The less you pack, the easier your life will be on moving day. Be prepared for some hard decisions about what to leave behind. Resist the urge to pack everything and stick to the essentials –you’ll likely be able to buy everything else you need in your new city easily.
    move items
  2. De-clutter your home before moving day. Every home has plenty of unnecessary stuff that should have gone in the trash years ago, so now is just the time to get rid of it. Trust me, it’s a liberating experience. Donate, sell or put in storage – by reducing your load on moving day, you’ll make it a less stressful experience.

    Moving day

  1. Packing essentials. Who needs unnecessary moving day hassle? Invest in some packing supplies to consolidate all your items together in advance, ready for the international movers and packers to do their job. They’ll be really impressed too.
    packing material
  1. Pack an essentials bag for the moving day with easy access to all your necessary items; important documents, essential medicines, toiletries and must-have electronic devices like a phone and charger.
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