Asian Tigers China is Now Over 90% Vaccinated

23 7 月 2021

Asian Tigers China (mainland) is pleased to confirm that of its 235 employees, 212 (90.2%) have been fully vaccinated against COVID19 up till today! Most of the employees who are not yet fully vaccinated have been unable to do so due to health-related conditions. Asian Tigers China set the vaccination of its employees as a priority to help assure their safety and the safety of the clients we serve.

To help achieve high vaccination participation, our company conducted briefings and Q&A sessions on the safety and benefits of being vaccinated. Employees were also allowed to arrange to be vaccinated on working days without counting this as time off.

Image- Our colleague in Guangzhou being vaccinated

Image – The coverage rate of COVID-19 vaccine among employees in Beijing office is around 94.79%

Asian Tigers Group
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