5 Nov 2018

Volunteer Opportunities in Hong Kong

When you are newly arrived at Hong Kong, you are probably in a spin. All the things-to-do like searching home, finding jobs, and opening local bank accounts could probably drive you crazy if no one helps you. After all these grinds are done, you will find a great crisis coming.

You may enjoy being alone at first, but day after day, you may experience overwhelming loneliness if you don’t have any local friends to talk to. So how can you make a friend? Jumping in front of someone and say “hi”? No way. You are not going to do that, not in Hong Kong at least. The easiest and most natural way to integrate into society and to make new friends is participating volunteer work.

There are so many great charity organizations in Hong Kong. You can definitely pick 1 or even 2 to join according to your own interests.

If you are the one concerning environmental issues, you are probably interested in World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong. WWF-Hong Kong was founded in 1981 and is an integral part of WWF’s global network. It welcomes volunteers in a number of ways, ranging from office assistance to fundraising to field work at sites including Mai Po.

If you are a pet lover, I would highly recommend you to join LAP (Lifelong Animal Protection Charity). LAP exists to help animals in Hong Kong and to bring about the conditions whereby every animal has a good home. As a volunteer, you can spend a few hours taking care of the dogs/ cats in centres, or you can also foster them until they are adopted. What a good new is you don’t have to worry about the language as the founder is a foreign lady and most of the volunteers can speak fluent English!

If you have a global vision, you are probably interested in Crossroads Foundation. It is a Hong Kong based, non-profit organization serving global need. It offers several worthwhile services including distributing quality excess goods in Hong Kong to those in need globally.

If you are a lady who craves meeting other women from over 36 nations, you will be interested in American Women’s Association of Hong Kong. They offer several ways to volunteers to contribute the community.  You may join the community volunteer programs to help those less fortunate, or join the English Activity programs to help improve the English capabilities of local students. Apart from AWA, being a member in The Helena May is also an option for you. It has a Community Outreach Programme in which members can carry out a number of projects each year designed to benefit women and girls in Hong Kong.

No matter which kind of volunteer work you are interested in, you can easily find the application forms online. Why don’t you take a little step now to start your meaningful and cheerful new life in Hong Kong?

Website lists:
WWF – https://www.wwf.org.hk/en/
LAP – http://www.lap.org.hk/default.aspx
Crossroads Foundation – https://www.crossroads.org.hk/
AWA – https://www.awa.org.hk/
The Helena May – www.helenamay.com

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