15 Mar 2018

Update R-Visas for Foreign Talents

IMPACT – Medium – *Only applicable to A-Class Visa Applications*

Visa & Immigration

What’s happening?

Shanghai immigration authorities have announced to issue R-Visas for applicants to speed up the process of getting their work permits.


  • Shanghai – effective immediately
  • Hangzhou and Beijing – effective mid-March onwards
  • Other cities subject to further notice

What is an R-Visa

Multiple Entry Visa valid maximum 180 Days
R-Visa needs will be used whilst transferring to a work permit and residence permit

Who is eligible to apply?

1.Process only valid for A-Class Visa Applicants(“High caliber Talents”)    
2.The applicant’s company must be named on an official eligibility listing of companies in China by authorities.

Requirement for an R-Visa application approval letter from the China Expert Bureau. Processing time for this is 2-5 working days; Approval letter needs to be brought to Home country Chinese Embassy/Consulate alongside all other regular documents for the R-Visa.

What are the criteria for A-Class Visa Applicants(“High caliber Talents”)

  • Talents categorized as “high level, competitive, advanced or part of the “China talent import plan”,
  • Professionals with international achievements & accreditations
  • Foreign talents that can fulfill jobs encouraged by the Chinese government
  • Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talent (with good IP for China; must have invested 30% or more of the shares and minimum of 500,000USD capital, plus other criteria).
  • Selected by Youth-talent project. Under 35 and graduated from one of the top 200 universities in the world with a Ph.D. or above.
  • Personal comprehensive quality >85 in the point system, especially salary more than 600,000rmb & Tax 120,000rmb annually

Immediate Impact:

General 1st assessment needed and a greatly reduced timeline of processing for specific minority of individual applicants.

We recommend to check in with Asian Tigers Group’s specialists prior to the application to assess both whether your company is listed as eligible as well as to screen the applicants’ credentials to verify if an A-Class application is appropriate.

With questions please reach out to us anytime under enquiry@asiantigersgroup.com

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