Tips for handling the last-minute move

28 Jun 2022

Living in an uncertain world, Expats often need to deal with last-minute changes– even a hurried overseas move, especially during COVID. It is, of course, an exciting time, but it’s easy to spend too much time procrastinating and overthinking the move. With the big moving day looming, you’ll need to compromise and be more practical rather than sentimental when deciding what to take and leave behind

You’ll want to optimize your time as much as possible, so an international relocation service like Asian Tigers is a definite plus. With that arranged, now you can get to work. Here are some valuable tips for breezing through a last-minute move.


packing boxes

Checking COVID-19 inbound requirement
Different countries and cities would have various COVID-19 inbound requirements; places like Hong Kong or Japan require you to go through quarantine. Also, governments would update COVID-19 inbound requirements frequently, so remember to check the requirements for your destination place before you pack. Asian Tigers has prepared comprehensive COVID-19 inbound requirements for you, click here to check out the latest COVID-19 updates around the globe.


The checklist
If moving to Asia at the last minute, you will need a to-do list, but keep it manageable. Start with arranging the cut-off date for utilities and create a packing schedule. To minimize disruption, plan to sort items room by room, perhaps one room per day if time allows. Even if you are using an international mover and packer, invest in some packing supplies to spend time consolidating all your items together in advance. It can save time for the packing day.

Travel light
The less you have to pack, the easier it will be. You have to make some hard decisions about what to leave behind. Resist the urge to pack everything and think carefully about what you need in your new home. Stick to the essentials –you’ll likely be able to easily buy most non-essential items in your new city.

Pack an essentials bag
Pack a bag for the day of travel with all your necessary items; essential documents, essential medicines, toiletries, and must-have electronic devices like a phone and charger.

Travel light

Learn from others
Don’t forget to learn from family, friends, or online forums. Perhaps large furniture can find a new temporary home with a neighbor or a family member or consider storage services as a last resort. Furthermore, joining online forums and Facebook groups to ask for people’s advice can also be a helping hand at the last minute. As there will be many experienced netizens in the group, from their comments, you may get some last-minute help such as buying your leftover furniture or suggestions on packing.

Asking Friends for advice

Nobody would like to have a tight schedule for moving since there are so many things that need to consider when relocating to a new place. My final suggestion for handling a last-minute move is to keep an optimistic and open-minded attitude towards moving. Moving can be stressful and tricky. With a bright and open-minded attitude, you can overcome all the difficulties during relocation.

If you would like assistance with shipping or relocation support, contact your local Asian Tigers office or reach out to us via our online contact us.

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