What our customers are saying

  • Mr. Olea at Asian Tigers Group - (International moving and relocation) - Japan displayed "cutting - edge" customer service skills in all phone and electronic correspondence. His presentation, carefulness towards details, listening skills and timely follow-up left me feeling important and assured that he has integrity and is very competent at delivering a professional representation of Asian Tigers Group for complex transitions of overseas / international shipments. Mr. Olea, at minimum - met my high standard for excellent customer service delivery. His professionalism was displayed throughout the entire time he managed and coordinated my shipment to the states. My experience with moving companies abroad and in the states has gained me the experience of having at least one provider in Japan to compare all the rest. This was my first time working with Asian Tigers Group. From this point forward, Asian Tigers Group is NOW the “Gold Standard” company I shall compare all other international moving companies to, due to the excellent workmanship of Mr. Olea. His customer service skills never left me feeling "rushed", confused, lacking trust or concerned about potential problems or unfinished business regarding my shipment or his customer support interventions. I must admit, prior to working with Asian Tigers Group, I had reservations about trusting a new or different provider to manage my overseas shipment. However, after working with Mr. Olea and the other excellent professionals at Asian Tigers Group throughout the entire transaction experience, I will only recommend Asian Tigers Group. Thank you, Asian Tigers Group!

    Lacey. H
  • My third time with Asian Tigers services. From Malaysia-HK, HK-Singapore - and now Singapore to Austria. Packing service is excellent and very professional service. lets see how their Austrian counter part service then. We have many fragile item including my vintage chinaware and glass display cabinet, really hope it survey through to Austria.Pauline K.
  • Very professional, courteous and efficient. Had a very smooth packing experience.Abhijeet H.
  • I used Asian Tigers for my move from Hanoi, Vietnam to Singapore. The team was fantastic, from start to finish. The sales team kept within our budget, stored our container until we were ready to receive the shipment in Singapore, and packed / unpacked all items effectively and efficiently. I would HIGHLY recommend Asian Tigers for moving needs. They are simply the best!Nick M.
  • From enquiry, onsite cost survey, actual day shifting all the way to post service feedback, it has been a seamless and pleasant experience!Johnny S.
  • We cherish all the customer opinions. We will keep on doing our best to serve every customer.Asian Tigers Group
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