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28 Feb 2023

On 6 February 2023, an Mw 7.8 earthquake struck southern and central Turkey and northern and western Syria. There was widespread damage, and over 47,400 fatalities have been confirmed. It is the deadliest natural disaster in Turkey’s modern history.

Asian Tigers China Stand with TurkeyThe Chinese reacted quickly to the earthquake in Turkiye. The Shanghai Blue Sky Emergency Rescue Service Center took an active part in rescue efforts. After the Turkish Consulate General in Shanghai announced a designated warehouse for donations, many residents in Shanghai stepped up to make donations and volunteered to provide donations.

Donated materials

On the weekend of 11 February, Asian Tigers Shanghai visited a large residential compound where a large number of local and foreign residents people organized a community donation. Hundreds of boxes of materials, such as tents, beds, blankets, sanitary pads, etc., were collected. Asian Tigers staff collected the donations and sorted and categorized the items in the Asian Tigers warehouse, and delivered them to a designated warehouse. Thereafter Turkish Airlines arranged for all donated items to be transported to where needed in Turkiye. Asian Tigers were happy to be of assistance in this humanitarian crisis.


Asian Tigers China's Yellow Truck

Donated materials stored in warehouse




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