Staying healthy in your new environment

21 Jun 2022

So you have a new assignment, in a new country, in a far-off land.  Maintaining your health and wellbeing will be vital in determining the success of this new chapter in your life.  In that light, let’s go over some of the basics –

Diet – eating the local food
Experiencing local dishes, ingredients, spices, and flavorings is part of the joy of overseas assignments.  It can also be a challenge, and it can overwhelm some of the less adventurous eaters.  So, use common sense.  Start slowly and build-up to the more exotic and spicy dishes.  Test your stomach’s tolerance for the new and unusual.  If your stomach cooperates, then you can expand your range of dishes.  There is no need to rush the process.  We recommend you take it as a slow, step-by-step process until you fully acclimate.

Even in Thailand, a country known for excellent cuisine which can be very spicy, there will be less fiery menu options, so start with those before you go for the more piquant.1.	Get along with the local thingsOrganize and Prepare your medical history
This is just in case.  It’s unlikely you’ll need it, but if you do, and if you can give your doctor a well-documented, written medical history, you will be much better off.  This should include your vaccination history and other basics such as past medical issues, allergies, etc.

Carry proof of your health insurance
In a worst-case scenario, you’ll want to have proof of insurance. Perhaps the more fundamental issue is whether you even have medical insurance covering you in your new location?  Be sure you do and have evidence of such coverage if you need medical care.

Health and medical insuranceGet to know doctors and hospitals.
One of the first things you need to do is ask around and find out about an excellent general practitioner.  If you become sick, this will be your first (and we hope only) stop.  You should also ask around and find out which are the best hospitals if you should need that level of care.

Diet and exercise
By now, you must know that you should eat a balanced diet, heavy on fruits and vegetables – low on fats and sugars.  This is every bit as important in your new overseas post as it is in your home country.  If you take medicines and supplements, bring a supply with you if it takes a while to find out where you can source these in your new location.  Eat like this person (below), and you’ll have no problems!

Balanced Diet
Eat like this person (a salad together with some bread and apple), and you’ll have no problems!

We’re sure you know the importance and benefits of a regular exercise regime.  Get a gym membership, join a sports club, find out about the best local hiking trails, or whatever it takes to maintain that good level of physical conditioning you bring to your new home.

Workout in gym

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