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  • We provide you with a single-point-of-coordination relocation management service to meet your corporate needs. We will tailor make for your transferee a relocation program to meet the needs of each Transferee and their family in terms of the specific country/city location on an ad-hoc basis or bundled for a total solution.
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  • Asian Tigers will make recommendations to you for your Transferee based on our comprehensive ‘Transferee Needs Analysis’ and our recommended practices for each location. Whether you’re preparing to move; arriving in your new location; in need of additional services or moving on to a new location we have an Asian Tigers service solution to meet all your relocation needs.
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    • We coordinate for you an accompanied city orientation tour with a professionally trained country specialist
    • Our orientation tours for you may include visiting and discussing residential areas, schooling, transportation, healthcare and various amenities you might desire/require
    • We provide you with location specific and tailor-made welcome pack for transferee and family
    • We provide you with valuable everyday living advice to ease your “settling-in”
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  • - Explain and clarify the differences between the various local schooling options
    - Review availability of schools and processes for application, interview and acceptance
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  • - Screen and short-list property selections with realtors and provide objective advice regarding the real estate market
    - Coordinate home finding with options for accompanied or unaccompanied tour
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  • - Conduct accompanied neighbourhood and community orientation
    - Assistance in opening a local bank account and embassy/consulate registration
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  • - Scheduled follow-ups with your Transferee, act as advocate for your Transferee to the Landlord and help you reserve for any tenancy or maintenance issues
    - Coordination of handyman services for you
    - Detailed property report prepared upon inspection for you
    - Coordination and management of your lease renewal
    - Ongoing telephone support for duration of your tenancy with monthly client reporting
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  • - Introduce serviced apartment or hotel information to your Transferee
    - Arrange property inspection, inventory check-in and check-out, if you require it
    - Due diligence review and negotiation of your lease agreements
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  • - Helps your transferee to understand the concept of “culture shock” and the intricacies of their own and their host county culture. This facilitates quicker understanding, assimilation and enhances productivity and happiness on their assignment
    - Work closely with accredited training centers and cross-cultural coaches to source the best solution for your business objectives and your Transferee's personal needs
    - Individual language training or group training per your transferee’s specific needs
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  • - Coordinate cancellation of services final payments, such as utilities, subscriptions
    - Proactive reporting of departures 6 months in advance of anticipated end date
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  • - Review procedures with your Transferee and collect all required data
    - Coordinate your Transferee’s visa application process
    - Track and report visa and/or work permit expiry and renewal dates
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