23 May 2018

SAS PTA Used Book Sale 2018

24 Feb 2018
Singapore American School

Thank you note from SAS PTA Used Book Committee

“On behalf of the Singapore American School PTA and Used Book Committee, we would like to say thank you to Asian Tigers Group and the wonderful crew that helped us  organize and keep us supplied with boxes, tape and desiccant all year. 

The crew was punctual and ready to start as soon as the school let them in.  They moved almost 100 boxes from storage and the PTA office to the High School library where the Used Book Sale was held.  The crew was excellent helping to deliver the boxes of books directly to the correct table, making our part of the set-up extremely simple and fast. 

We sold more than 2,000 books in two days.  As most people bought many books, they were quite happy that you had donated the Asian Tigers tote bags for us to use at the sale.  Some people left carrying multiple bags full of books.

As always, it was a great pleasure working with the Asian Tigers Group team.  We appreciate how easy you made it for us to coordinate and complete the transfer of our boxes. 

We are grateful for Asian Tigers Group’s help and sponsorship, and we are looking forward to working with you and your wonderful crew in the future.”

SAS PTA Used Book Sale

SAS PTA Used Book Sale

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