Q: How should I handle my jewelries?

We highly recommend that you hand carry your jewelries when you relocate.

Q: What if there is a typhoon on the packing day?

When the typhoon signal 8 (and above) is hoisted, we will cease operation until the signal has been lifted to ensure the safety of your goods and our employees. We will operate normally under all other typhoon signals.

Q: I would like to ship my car. Can I ship it together with my household goods?

We can ship cars but they will need to be shipped in separate individual containers. Some countries will restrict the co-loading of automobiles with household goods.

Q: I have a piano, will you be able to handle it?

Pianos are items that we handle on a regular basis. A specialist will be present to handle and move specialty items such as pianos, safes, pool tables.

Q: My destination is not confirmed. What should I do?

We can still pack your goods and store them in our warehouse or at the destination until you have confirmed your destination and attain your required permits.

Q: What if I buy new furniture to add to my shipment?

Please notify your move consultant if there are any additional items that were not surveyed as this will affect the cost of the move. More importantly, we will need to check if the volume of goods will fit into the container we have arranged for you.

Q: Any other restricted items that I should not ship?

General restricted items are firearms, weapons, illegal drugs, flammable goods, dangerous goods, endangered and live animals, counterfeit items etc. Please contact your move consultant for a comprehensive list of restricted items for your destination. 

Q: Can I ship food or alcohol?

As a general rule, there should be no food and alcohol in the shipment.  Food is subject to quarantine regulations and alcohol may incur taxes and duties. Moreover, special permits may be required.  Please contact your move consultant for more information on your destination country and their regulations on food and alcohol.

Q: How do you keep track of boxes?

We have a system that tags each individual package with a unique bar code. The packages will be labeled and tracked during the entire move process.

Q: Can my family stay in the same house or flat during packing?

Yes. If the packing requires more than 1 day, please notify our move supervisor that you wish to stay for the night. They will refrain from packing the beds and other relevant items.

Q: What if the building is difficult to access?

If you know from your previous relocations that some items were difficult to move in or out, please let us know.  Difficult access may require additional charges which includes stair and long carry service, shuttle service, hoisting service etc.

Q: Do I need to be present on the day of packing?

While it is not mandatory for you to be present, we highly recommend it as it allows you to communicate any requests that you might have to the move supervisor directly.

Q: How should I pack my belongings?

In a local move, for environmental purposes, we recommend packing with plastic bins and reusable boxes that are in good condition. We can also supply new boxes.

Q: How long will packing take?

The duration of packing normally depends on the volume of move and the service required. We can only confirm this once the pre-move survey is done. However, a general guideline is as follows:

  • A 1000sq flat – Part of 20 foot container may take 1 day
  • A 1000-1500sq flat – estimate full 20 foot container may take 2days
  • A 1500 to 2000sq flat – estimate more than full 20 foot container may take 2-3 days
  • A Townhouse – Full 40 foot container may take 3-4 days
Q: Is there anything I should do to prevent molds and mildew?

While some areas can be a humid area especially during spring and summer, humidity only speeds up the process of mold and mildew but does not generate the spores directly.  Hence, we recommend that clothes and linen should be cleaned prior to moving. The surfaces of furniture should be wiped with disinfectants to minimize the risk of reproduction of mold and mildew spores.

Q: Can I pack the items myself?

Most clients use our packing and unpacking services but you can also pack some of your personal belongings yourself should you wish to. We will arrange a free one-time delivery of packing boxes once the move is confirmed. If you do decide to pack some of the items yourself, please do not seal the boxes as our crew is required to take note of the contents in our packing list. For international moves, we are required to provide a packing list and to take note of the condition of the items for customs and insurance purposes.

Q: Are uninstalling and reinstalling home appliances part of your mover’s duties?

Our crew will uninstall and reinstall simple home appliances.  However, items such as fixtures attached to ceiling or wall, flat pack furniture, or custom made furniture may require our handyman service. The move consultant will identify items that will require our handyman service during the pre-move survey and we will include relevant handyman fees in our quotation.

Q: Can you arrange for a split pick up or delivery?

We can arrange split pick up or delivery at additional charges. We can include this charge in the quotation if you inform us of your preferred arrangement during the pre-move survey.

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