Let’s get Moving


    To be the most admired professional moving company.


    To devote our complete energy and full attention to providing excellent moving experience.

    Core Values

    Honesty, integrity, respect and professionalism.

    Our Background

    Established over 4 decades ago, Asian Tigers Philippines has vastly more experience than any other mover in the country.  Each move we handle is unique and requires a clear understanding in order to anticipate issues which could arise along the way.  We bring our experience to bear at each stage of the move in order to minimize problems and ensure a smooth process.

    We specialize in door-to-door moves to any location in the world for expats from multinational corporations, for diplomats, various international agencies and private individuals.  We ship by sea and by air, including specialized services for relocating pets. But of course we also handle local moves.  Whatever your moving needs, give us a call and let’s talk.


    CEO's Statement

    Since the day we first opened for business back in 1977, we have always placed a strong emphasis on quality in everything we do.  We spend an unusual amount of time, effort and funding on training.  The result is a motivated team of professionals who take great pride in being the market leaders in the Philippines.  We are committed to rendering the highest quality moving services on a par with the highest standards worldwide.  Our many repeat customers insist on choosing Asian Tigers for their future moves.

    Because the difference is that we care!

    Gerry and Virginia Lane
    Founder & CEO

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    Our Surveyors

    Your surveyor is probably the most crucial link in your move.  The surveyor must listen carefully to determine your needs accurately. Our surveying team has decades of experience and tens of thousands of surveys to their credit.

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    Our Customer Service Representatives

    Your customer service representative will be your primary contact once you choose to move with Asian Tigers. The professionals are specialists in listening and responding to your needs throughout the move process.

    Customer Service

    Our Craftsmen

    These are the craftsmen who have the skills and experience to wrap, pack and deliver your belongings safely and securely to your new home.  Our team brings more than 100 years of cumulative experience, coupled with a ‘can-do’ attitude, and thus constitutes our proudest asset.


    Social Responsibility

    Asian Tigers is keenly aware of our role and responsibility as part of our local community.  We have carefully identified several worthy organizations that we support financially and with service-in-kind donations.  Those include:

    1. Cancer Society of the Philippines
    2. Cultural Center of the Philippines and Ballet Philippines
    3. American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines
    4. Zonta Makati
    5. The Arts And Culture Of The Phils
    6. The Mangyan Tribe In Puerto Galera
    Social Responsibility

    Our Quality Accreditations

    Being a leader in our industry is a direct result of our intense focus on quality.  Asian Tigers is ISO9001 accredited.  We are FIDI FAIM certified. We are a guarantor and co-owner of Overseas Moving Network International (OMNI)  having met the necessary criteria for quality service standards and financial stability. This is just a partial list, but it accurately reflects our deep and abiding commitment to quality in all aspects.

    Asian Tigers Group
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