12 May 2017

Mr. Chipman shared his Hong Kong success story in SCMP

Rob's interview in SCMP

Mr. Chipman shared his Hong Kong success story in South China Morning Post on 29th April and the following five inspiring tips to strive for successful careers.

  • Think ahead
  • Be personable
  • Make the connection
  • Broaden your palette
  • Apply yourself

No matter how intelligent we are, we better to have planning to think ahead. Ability to communicate with people and find the common ground. No matter how broad our horizon is, we need to make good use of our connections. Most importantly, we have to keep learning in order to enrich ourselves with different knowledge and find the opportunities to put them into practice. Following all those tips not only benefits our career but also our life.

Good luck to all of you!

For the full story visit: http://www.cpjobs.com/hk/article/robert-chipman-ceo-asian-tigers-mobility-talks-about-his-hong-kong-success-story?s=news

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