4 Sep 2018

Meet A Ranger

31 Aug 2018
11:00am -
Asian Tigers Group, Singapore

WWF is running a campaign to highlight the detrimental effects of the illegal wildlife trade throughout the world. Mr. Harrison Kamande, a ranger at the Nairobi National Park, is putting a face to their anti-trafficking message by sharing his stories of life at the frontline of wildlife conservation in Kenya.

WWF ranger  WWF rangerAsian Tigers wholeheartedly support the WWF’s efforts to ‘Stop the Trade’. On 31 August, employees of our Singapore office welcomed Mr. Kamande to talk about his work as a ranger. He regaled us with anecdotes of his beloved rhinos and spoke movingly of tragic encounters with poachers. His passion for wildlife and commitment to their protection was heartfelt and deeply inspiring.

WWF ranger

Thank you Mr Kamande! Asian Tigers shares your belief that rhinos horns belong only on rhinos and ivory tusks only on elephants.

WWF ranger

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