21 Jun 2018

Lycée Française de Singapour School Fair – themed ‘Travels’

2 Jun 2018
10:00am - 4:00pm

Asian Tigers Singapore was happy to sponsor the popcorn in the major event of the year of the Lycée Française de Singapour School Fair!

This year, in the theme of Travels, it has taken the whole school to new horizons.  The program included singing and dancing by their talented students and various professional demonstrations such as Tahitian dance, judo shots, Kendo techniques, some Thai boxing jab … a real tour of the world on stage.

Over 70 generous partners contributed in various ways to the success of the School Fair, their collaboration is a key element to organize an event that appeals to the 5000 people present.  The raffle was even more stunning, offering great prizes including trips to luxury hotels, electronic products and new experiences like an A380 simulator to name a few examples.

Thanks to the organizing team for its incredible work and also the volunteers of the D-Day which allowed the children to spend a beautiful day again this year.

Singapore French School

Singapore French School

Singapore French School

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