19 Aug 2020

It’s time to move……

Feel overwhelmed? Don’t know where to start?  Let Asian Tigers break it down step-by-step in this brief, high-level overview:

    1. Create a “shortlist” of movers:
      • A good way is to ask your friends for their recommendations. Of course, we hope you’ll include us in this group.
      • Call each one to schedule an in-home survey.
        Conduct survey
    1. Request an In-home Survey:
      • This is critically important; you’ll get a feel – one way or the other – about how professional the moving company is.
      • Ask questions of the surveyor, and expect he/she will, in turn, ask you many questions.
      • Use one of the many moving checklists below to help you stay on top of things.
        onsite survey
    1. Be available on moving day
      • Be at home when the movers arrive. In fact, be at home as much as you can during packing to answer questions as they pop up – and questions will pop up.
      • Communication is vital: What time will the crew arrive? What time will they leave? What’s lunch hour?  What bathroom can they use?
        moving day
    1. Your goods are moving now…….
      • We’ll be available to help you and answer questions as they arise.
      • We’ll provide you with a regular update on shipping schedules, arrival dates, etc.
    1. What to expect on delivery to your new home:
      • We will unpack your goods for you, so relax.
      • Again, it’s a good idea if you can be there when your goods arrive. You’ll be asked to sign the packing list that verifies all boxes are present and accounted for.
      • We will remove the debris. (Empty boxes and packing materials)
    1. If you need ongoing support:
      • Once delivery is finished, we will still be there to aid and assist you.
      • Enjoy your new home and life’s next chapter.
        settling in

OK, you’ve done the high-level overview.  At some point, you’ll need to take a deep-dive into the myriad details you need to attend to. 

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