12 Aug 2019

International School Search

Relocation is never simple, especially when this happens to a family with kids. You have to comfort your kids while arranging all the things they need in the host country. Among all the preparations for your kids, the most concerned one must be school search. Selecting a suitable international school with the best educational fit for them is essential, so you have to do sufficient research before relocation.

Gather opinions

It would be great if you can ask colleagues who live there. It is an excellent way to collect useful data before making decisions. Of course, your colleagues may have different concerns from yours when picking an international school. Do ask more and search more. If the information from the surrounding people is insufficient, don’t hesitate to go online. There are social groups and forums discussing and exchanging the useful information about schools, which may provide you more insights.

Get the first-hand information

The second-hand information can help you narrow down the choices while the first-hand information can provide you an in-depth insight. You may contact the school and ask for a visit. By doing so, you can get in touch with the teachers and feel the environment as well as the culture by yourself. Some school also offer trial lessons for the children to see their preference. 

Rate the importance of criteria

Each school has its good and bad points. When it comes to making the decision, you need to figure out which criteria mean the most for your kids, a joyful learning environment or an intensive curriculum. Only when you know what is most important, you can compare the schools and pick the most suitable one. It is advised to discuss the criteria with your kids as they are the key stakeholders. Their preference counts.

Seek help when needed

The whole process sounds complicated, isn’t it? Finding a suitable school can be very time-consuming, you may need external help. Some relocation companies can help you clarify between your various schooling options, review the availability of schools as well as the process of application, and arrange school tours for you depending on your needs. They can assist you throughout the whole process until the school registration process is done. It could be pretty helpful especially when you are overwhelmed in the whole relocation process.

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