25 Feb 2019

How to Stay in Touch with Friends

It is no doubt that expats would be very busy after arrival in a new country. After all the things are settled, you may feel a bit lonely as you know nobody there. At this moment, you are likely to miss the friends and family in your home country. Relocating to a new country does not mean that you have to lose contact with your beloved one. Thanks to today’s technology, communication across countries becomes more convenient so that you can make good use of the following means to stay in touch with friends and family.

 How to stay in touch with friends

Internet calls
Unlike the expensive international phone call, internet call is free! It can help expats to save a bunch of money. Not only can you make a voice call via the internet, but also a video call. Therefore, you can see your friends and family while speaking to them. What you are required is only a mobile phone and an app supporting internet calls. There are many communication apps in the app store, such as WhatsApp and Skype.  Just download any one of them and make a call to your beloved one!

Instant Message
Due to the difference in time zone, it could be difficult for you to make a video call sometimes. Instead of making a call, there is still another option: instant message. Texting could be a comfortable and flexible way for both parties as you can reply when you are free. Similar to making an internet call, you need to download an app to text, and most of them are free. Apps like WhatsApp, Line, and Facebook messenger, are highly recommended.

Sending cards and little gifts
Although you are thousands of miles away from your family and friends, you still want to share the festival joys or birthday bless with them. Sending cards and little gifts would be an excellent way to maintain the solid bond between you. You can also purchase the gifts locally through an online shopping platform, to avoid excessive postage costs.

Inviting them to come over
Face-to-face chatting with close friends and family must be a precious moment for you. Instead of seeing each other on the monitor, asking your friends and family to come over could be a good idea. By doing so, they can meet you in person and also have an opportunity to understand your life in a new country. 

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