How to Make Your Move Eco-Friendly? How Can International Movers Help?

31 May 2022

Getting ready for a move is never easy, and moving is arduous and requires a lot of time and effort in planning and packing—figuring out what you want to keep and what to get rid of before the move. Moving involves a lot more waste than you might imagine through this process. Do you know there are Eco-Friendly Mover who can help you make your move in a more accessible and greener process?

Being eco-friendly has numerous definitions; maybe you have your own. However, nobody wants to discuss the primary factor when environment-saving comes to facts, and that is recycling.

Asian couple packing for donation

Sell Leftovers: Consider Thrift Sale
Moving has one advantage—you don’t have to take everything you own to a whole new place. So, sort your belongings, and put up a house sale to sell the leftovers. It will provide you with some money to help you and riddance of things you don’t want anymore.

Donate to Charity
Besides selling the leftovers to thrift sales, donating them to charities like Habitat for Humanity is also an environment-friendly move. After donating household items to charities, they would allocate the resource to the elderly, low-income families, homeless, and ex-prisoner so that they can reuse those items. Instead of throwing away those leftovers to landfills, giving them to people who need them can be a meaningful and eco-friendly act.

Donate household item to charity

Ask for Greener Transport
Whosoever you choose to be your eco-friendly international movers, be sure to ask for greener transport. There are movers and packers, also known as green moving companies, with larger fleets and gas-operated storage containers, and these are eco-friendly because of less carbon footprint. 

How Do We Handle the Used Boxes?
At Asian Tigers, we take community and environmental responsibilities seriously enough to introduce a paperless online moving tracking system. Also, our “Care for Green” campaign focuses on reusing and recycling all paper-based materials. In addition, our environmentally friendly services earned us ISO 140001 certification, and we reuse the used boxes from one client to another. It is an eco-friendly, cost-effective practice for international movers.

Asian Tigers Boxes
These are the reusable plastic box and boxes from Asian Tigers.

Others mentioned that it is not environmentally friendly to use so many boxes for moving; it is an excerpt from one of our queries regarding the eco-friendly move. Here, we would like to add using so many boxes for moving is eco-friendly as far as we’re concerned. Not contradicting our green initiative practices, we recycle used boxes, which means we can use as many boxes.

Next time you think about international movers, we are available for service. Make your move eco-friendly with the world-recognized mover. If you would like assistance with shipping or relocation support, contact your local Asian Tigers office or reach out to us via our online contact us.

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