27 Apr 2020

Fine Arts Logistics Q&As

The present art market is global. Art dealers and collectors are moving from one place to another for art fairs, shows, and auctions. When you want to get a wider audience, you will also want fine arts logistics services to make your dream comes true. Transporting a masterpiece is different from transporting a bed. Your stress level probably reaches the maximum for it. That’s why you need to pick a trustworthy fine arts logistics company for your precious art pieces.

As a professional, globally-acclaimed Fine art mover, Lotus Fine Art logistics can handle unusual/ special items smoothly, effectively, and productively to increase your presence anywhere in the world. With the combination of Asian Tigers Group, which has 29 offices in Asian countries and Hasengkamp Germany which specializes in museum projects, we, Lotus Fine Arts understands your needs. To know more about us, you can check the below Q&As out.

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Do You Pack and Crate Items?

Yes, our expert teams are highly experienced fine art packers and handlers who load and transport artworks all over the world. Our packers will carefully check and photograph each artwork for reference, before individually packing with a suitable and specific method and materials depending on the artwork nature.

With our professional packing and crating, every item will arrive safe and secure.

Do You Install and Transport?

Yes, we can both transport and do the installation. We have specially adapted aircon trucks for local transportation, and an international network of air/sea freight partners to arrange shipments. We also have a network of partners at global locations to make sure of appropriate import/export customs and fine art handling wherever the destination of a shipment.

We can arrange the installation of any artwork from monumental sculpture to a tiny framed drawing. We work in galleries, museums, auction houses, and private homes and have extensive experience of working with individuals and curators.

With years of experience in facilitating safe and timely transit, we ensure our customers’ goods are in safe hands. Also, we take care of global scale, crating, navigating customs, and taxes.

Do You Have Climate-Controlled Storage?

Unwanted calamities like water damage, theft, pests, and molds are significant concerns and do scare people. To avoid such undesired situations, we have a fully temperature and humidity, climate-controlled storage facility. This is maintained at 22 degrees Celcius, 55% RH for perfect art storage conditions. Indeed, even ten years old artwork requires a safe environment to show itself miraculously.

Do You Provide Fine Art Insurance Coverage?

Damages and losses are what we don’t want to see. That’s why we strive for the best way to protect your valuable artworks. However, accidents may still happen. To minimize the risk, we provide fine art insurance coverage to our clients. The coverage insurance assures you comprehensive protection against uncertainties, physical damage, natural, unnatural accidents, and mishandling.

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