Does the recent COVID-19 outbreaks affect moving?

5 Nov 2021

A new round of COVID-19 outbreaks has hit 16 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities across China in just two weeks. With the progress of prevention and control work of COVID19, it is believed that this round of outbreaks will soon be effectively brought under control. Here are some questions that our customers may be concerned about –

  1. Can I move my belongings during the epidemic?

Certainly. It is business as usual for us including all kinds of packing, transportation, storage, operations etc. However, if the customer is located in a risk area, we recommend postponing work until the risk level is reduced to the safe range to help reduce the possibility of transmissions.

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  1. What measures does Asian Tigers China take to protect their staff and their customers?

Asian Tigers China attaches great importance to the safety of its employees and customers. Our vaccination rate has been above 95% for a long time. At present, employees who meet the requirement for vaccines are in the process of booster injection.

Employees are required to show their HealthQR code daily and report their temperature three times a day, receiving COVID-19 prevention training and checking their routings to avoid potential risks. We also disinfect vehicles and key work areas regularly.

(Beijing colleague is waiting for booster injection)

  1. VaccinatedAre there any restrictions when vehicles enter the community?

Most communities require vehicles to report in advance and allow them to pass as long as the health QR codes are fine. If a community is strictly managed to prevent outside vehicles from entering, additional costs may be incurred due to increased carrying distance.

  1. BlockedWhat are the current international moving costs?

The cost of international sea freight is currently very high due to the impact of supply line disruptions. Contact us for free quote.

E-mail: info@asiantigers-china.com

Wash hand

Wash hands often, maintain interpersonal distance, pay attention to ventilation and disinfection. Wishing you all to be safe and healthy.

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