5 Mar 2018

Conservation Story 3: Are Protected Areas Safe For Tigers?

Shuvarthi Guha

© Shuvarthi Guha

Protected areas are home to some of the most threatened species in the world and are meant to be secure spaces for wildlife and nature – just as any home should be for its inhabitants. Yet, a new survey of over a hundred tiger conservation areas, where an estimated 70% of the world’s wild tigers live, found that only 13% of them are able to meet global standards. At least one-third of them are severely at risk of losing their tigers. Alarmingly, most of these sites are in Southeast Asia, where tigers have suffered the most dramatic decline in the past decade.

As a key member of CA|TS, WWF is urging governments to plug the gaps and invest in tiger conservation areas to ensure that they are well protected, effectively managed, and sustainably resourced.

Tiger cub
A young tiger cub (Panthera tigris) with her chin on a sleeping mom’s back.

© Shutterstock_Elle Arden Images_WWF-Sweden

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