31 Dec 2018

Asian Tigers Contributes to the Tsunami Relief in West Java, Indonesia:

Asian Tigers Contributes to the Tsunami Relief in West Java, Indonesia

A tsunami struck the west coast of Java on Dec 22, 2018, at approximately 9pm after the eruption of the volcano Krakatoa. To date, 281 have been recorded as perished, 1,061 injured and 57 persons still missing. More than 600 homes, 69 hotels, 60 shops and some 420 boats were also damaged, along with dozens of cars and other vehicles. It was the largest eruption of the volcano since 1883, when it devastated the same coast line wiping away more than 36,000 Indonesians living on this Banten coast line. This stretch of coast is less then 2 hours from Asian Tigers Jakarta offices! 

Partnering with Habitat for Humanity Indonesia on Dec 30th, Asian Tigers were able to mobilize emergency shelter kits to evacuation camps to support immediate relief of the region. Many of our own team are from, and still have family, in this region. Reaching out and helping was truly looking after our own neighbours, families and friends and it was an honour to be in the position to offer a helping hand.

tsunami relief

Our rewarding relief effort also included listening to family victims and helping wherever we could, including repositioning items salvaged after the disaster.

tsunami relief

Smiles from victims that brought to life Habitat for Humanity’s slogan that, “Every Hand Makes a Difference”, which sisters truthfully to our own slogan that, “The Difference is that we Care”.

tsunami relief


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