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14 Dec 2022

Moving home can be stressful for people. Dedicated move teams help handle all aspects of your move from here to there. Asian Tigers China is specialized in this field.

Asian Tigers China Feedbacks

  1. Dear All,

    Please congratulate your colleagues working the job for Mr. Krupa !

    A special note of thanks to Jessie and David who guided the team very well. Please allow me to translate the below sent by Mr. Krupa to our booking agent:

    “Today the packing for my move was completed at my residence by Asian Tigers. I must honestly say: I tip my hat for a very good advance organization, great support during the 3 days packing, the on-site team provided a fantastic job for me! Marking, Comprehensibility, Packaging → from my side optimum. I hope this continues as professionally.”

    Again, thank you to all involved!

  2. Asian Tigers China workers packing client's belongings 非常高效,专业

Packing boxes3.

Good morning! The shipment was delivered yesterday, and it was worth waiting: I have to say that I’m extremely impressed and pleased by the quality of your packing, no box missing, nothing broken!I will go again with Asian Tigers in the future and will highly recommend your company as well.


My husband and I would like to express our gratitude for the excellent service the Asian Tigers moving company (Mrs. Carol and her extremely competent team). Moving can be stressful, in fact it is, but these people were capable, gentle, and very objective oriented. Congratulations for such a wonderful and competent group. God bless you all.


Hey, you have a fantastic team. They wrapped up my whole apartment in 6 hrs. Impressive.


Asian Tigers China Feedback from Clients6.

Dear Sunny,

I hope my email finds you, your family and colleagues happy and healthy!

We have now unpacked all of our shipment from Beijing. We want to recognize the excellent packing and management of our household goods. There is virtually no damage at all. This is clearly due to the skill of Mr. Brown and his team that packed in our house so well, along with guidance and management from yourself.

Please be sure to pass our great thanks to Mr. Brown and his team, and also accept our thanks for your careful management of the process.

I am copying our relocation/HR contact so that she is also aware of our outstanding experience.

We wish you all every success and blessing in your work and family life, and appreciate the great work you did for us.

Asian Tigers China Feedback from Clients


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