A Brief Guide to Lunar New Year Celebration

9 Feb 2021


Lunar New Year celebrations


Your to-do list

🧧 Put up New Year decorations in your home and office.

🧧 Offer (symbolic) sacrifices to ancestors (e.g., fruit, incense, etc.)

🧧 On Chinese New Year’s Eve (Feb 11) Organize a reunion dinner with close family

🧧 Buy and wear new clothes. It’s time for renewal so “out with the old, in with the new.”

🧧 Extend New Year greetings to one and all. Learn how to say Kung Hey, Fat Choy!

🧧 Be generous with gifts and have plenty of “Red Packets” to give out

🧧 Catch Lion and Dragon Dances. The noise is tremendous. It may scare away evil spirts.

🧧 Visit relatives and friends. Reconnect with loved ones.

🧧 Lantern Festival is on Day 15 (Feb 26) Try some Tang Yuan, a delicious sticky rice ball.

🧧 Red is THE lucky color, so display it prominently.  Wear red if you can.

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